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reading taxi maidenhead
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  Not to toot our own horn, but ..haven't we been doing well..
    Smooth, well driven    
      Lovely experience being driven in your BMW 7 series Long wheelbase, floating on air. quite literally.  
      Colin, Finchampstead.    
  In reply to Colin from Finchampstead
  A wise man once told me that a car's only ever as good as its driver.
  Thank you for your kind words of support.
  THANKS for stepping up to the mark    
    THANKS Ahed for stepping up the mark... Economy class has never tasted so sweet.    
    Brilliant service and 1/2 the price of prestige. Because drivers are not overdressed in formalwear day and night driving prestigious mercedes E class as local taxis !! Highly recommended. MSM  
    Mark Mcgovern, Wokingham. August 2018    
  Good service    
    I consistently find them to be efficient, friendly, punctual. Thank you!  
    John, Sonning, 2016    
  Very unprofessional!!!    
    Taxi Driver turned up in shorts and sandals - very unprofessional!!! Maybe he's going fishing..?  
    C Norris, Reading. (Economy) 2018    
    Indeed we've had a glorious summer, unprecedented since 1976. Some drivers still are, and have been in shorts and sandals since May. As you've gathered from their lovely tanned legs.    
  Does exactly what it says on the tin. 1, 2, 3 .    
    Taxis are always 1. On time, 2 clean comfortable cars, 3 good driving etiquette. Job done well. Recommended - get the basics right and keep things simple.    
    The Taxi Drivers are civil but not overbearing and clingy like most in the area who just yap away instead of minding the road.! Brownnosing for a tip. For Pete's sake I hired Four wheels - not a mouth..!! Sensible prices because drivers are not Excessively dressed in their Sunday Best around-the-clock parading in Expensive Executive Mercedes-Benz E class for taxis in berkshire acting out like butlers !!  
    Mrs Neil, 2017. Twyford to Heathrow £23    
  I'd rate them as excellent    
    I recommend this company unhesitatingly, having booked their cars regularly for over a year now. They are consistently reliable, have always arrived on time, and their team are friendly and organised. I'd rate them as excellent. January 2019    
    Emma, Regular taxi booker, Wokingham    
  Brilliant service.. cheapest fares    
    Brilliant service for the actually cheapest fares! The driver was incredibly polite and respectful and the car was extremely comfortable! Advise it to whoever wants to have a lovely travel!    
    Claudia Pinheiro, Wokingham. 2017    
  Amazing values Lovely 7 Series in    
    Waseem Mirza: From Loddon cars to Heathrow £30 also to Gatwick, Luton , Southampton only £55 - Amazing values Lovely 7 Series in.. The Customer is King' and Customer is Always Right' Always' and iWaseem Mirza OK and iBusinessman OK. OK.    
    Waseem Mirza in the Loddon. April 2019    
  In reply to Mino Lyke - The clue's in the name, they 'drive' 'taxi' - take you from A to B. I doubt you've ever liked train drivers? or bus drivers? or pilots?.. Didn't think so!!! Opt for our First Class chauffeur service and you'll like the drivers for sure, at that price a few drivers may even like you back, for anything's possible.. well ?  
  Perhaps you dislike a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you like a thing and it is bad for you.  
  Mino Lyke    
  If I could give no star would. Taxis servises is On time and driver safe driving. Cars is nice clean so relax. Just we didnt like drivers thats it.    
    Mino Lyke (from Bulgaria), Bracknell. 2019    
  Prestige cars at Poundstretcher prices- Maliks are . . . . .
    Agreeably you are punctual, cars are clean comfortable and driven by proficient drivers BUT..  
    '..Prestige cars are terribly cheap - giveaway MERCEDES for £38 to Heathrow from Wokingham. Station taxicabs charge £69 - £99 for same ride in Peugout TEPEES, CADDY Vokeswagons or FORD !! '..The Maliks of Prestige Cars drivers are good pedigree..' Like Coolie wearing smartly dresses trained in The Art of Customer Servant' to carry luggages like porters and put cases on leather seats - cheaper than MPV...'Great pickme up in brand new Mercedes after a pint from local for £3.80 drivers wears suits and Always on call..' ' Courteous drivers with servile manners pakindians 'trained to serve us nicely & Professionally' for few pounds tip. ' Drivers trained in Buttering us up behaving like valet and butlers. Like Waiters they serve us nicely..'. In suits wearing tie around-the-clock - prancing around in Prestigious BENZ-MERCEDES as standard local taxis for £3.60 - ideal to cart shopping around town..' .Prestige cars are 1/2 price of uberBLACK & Even cheaper than Uber X low-cost Economy select - .Excellently done. Best thing since sliced bread - Prestige Cars at Aldi or Lidl prices.'..' Very experience businessman stretch the Pound so much stretch..'  
    Prestige Cars of Wokingham - busines reviewsGoogle    
    Easy booking process online with rates published clearly    
  Thank you kindly. Most impressed. It was extremely easy to make bookings at your website at our convenience. With airport prices clearly published online. We could decide the level of service & cost without unnecessary phonecalls or emails for quotations. Easy and transparent.    
      Mr Clarke, Wokingham  
  White Monkeys UK
  in reply to Mr Hurst of Barkham  
  Thank you for your kind words of praise. (The name of the game is to 'Find your driver' holding a board with your name. Drivers have no way of identifying you neither do they have GPS chip implants, so trying to guide you to your driver (holding a nameboard displaying your name) in the airport terminal over the telephone is as useful as a handbrake on a canoe.) Look forward to seeing you again.  
  Good service for airport pickup, but    
  Good taxi service for my flight, driver very patient and tolerant for my pickup.    
    (Struggled with finding my driver at the airport when liaising with office) Overall, Very good taxi service, will use again.    
    Mr Hurst, Barkham Ride. 2016    
  Good service but clutter in the boot..    
    Very good service, on time, considerate driving and clean car inside BUT the boot could do with a spring clean or two!!  
    Mr Reeman, Wokingham (from Maidenhead) 2016
  In reply to Mr Reeman: What does clutter in the boot have to do with the price of tea in China? when 2 large cases fit into the boot despite the clutter. Saloon vehicles can only carry two large cases, void spaces are great for driver's lunch boxes, knitting needles & supplies, gym bags etc. You may wish to consider the services of First Class Executive in Wokingham who have KPI's for the cleanest boots in the area - Multi-Award winning in fact!!. We don't allow passengers to travel in our boots (exception: back seat drivers), neither have we had any complaints from any luggage ever conveyed in our cluttered boots!!. We keep life simple and get the basics right. Good day.
    Good taxi service    
  We've used them for a few years and found the service to be totally reliable. They pick you up on time, and drop you off too. What more do you need/ want from a taxi, they'll get you from A to B. .I recommend this company enthusiastically.    
    Basil Papachristdis, Rainbow Park    
  Thank you Basil Papachristdis of Rainbow Park and Shona Whitehead for your feedback = encouragement!! Game changer. Looking forward to being of service to you both once again in the near future.
  Special Offer Code :-191015W4SEM/3:54. From Loddon cars to Heathrow £23
  Och, Lovely driver, pure brilliant    
    Hou's it gaun? Your driver was dead brilliant on my date night when ma heid's mince, up to high do. Nae problem  
    Ms Shona Whitehead, Berkshire    
    Whit's fur ye'll no go past know    
  I think I deserved a better treatment..    
    I think I deserved a better treatment and a word of apology.  
    With all my disappointment. Monica Pastorino, Wokingham 2017    
    We beg to differ. We refuse to entertain your suggestion that a very prestige and upstanding school such as Luckley House in Wokingham would endorse or distribute such vile and racist paraphernalia to its pupils. A brief scan of its corporate literature boasts 'strong Christian values..', 'learn about democracy and values which underpin our society..', and so on and so forth.    
    Hating takes so much effort Monica, clearly its taken its toll on you!!    
    Without considering your and your daughters status as immigrant(s), in this country we aspire to be a tolerant and multicultural society considerate towards one another. When sharing a space with anyone its basic courtesy to be well mannered and civil. Not to speak aloud in a foreign language and jabber on and on and on, polluting the atmosphere with your toxic vibes or shouting out the giovinezza!! Equally I'm sure you'd be unsettled if your driver was speaking aloud in some foreign language, playing foreign music or damning the Italians for whatever reason!!. It's basic courtesy to speak English when you're in public, in England.    
    On a final note, denying something happened doesn't somehow make it acceptable, history cannot be rewritten - not even by the italians (Holocaust)!! Nor by the Jews continued persecution of Palestinian Muslims through unlawful Israeli occupation and genocide. NB Compassion, sympathy for the oppressed (Palestinians) is not Antisemitism - it's called being human!    
  Kindfulness is this years (2018) mindfulness, haven't you heard!!  
    Dear Heidi Boreham,    
    Being Afrikaner or most probably Austrian (or any nationality for that matter) does not give you due cause to show contempt or disregard towards others. Here, in Wokingham, in this country we aspire to be an United and tolerant society. Being civil and considerate towards one another really takes no effort at all, let alone expense!!    
    Hating takes so much effort, clearly taking its toll on you!!    
    Please go and crawl back under that rock along with your partner - and you too can help make this worldly life a better place without even trying, and it won't cost you anything either. Please don't ever contact us again, we're doing just fine as a business without your custom, moreso as people.    
  The Ship has sailed..    
    'Being a local business who pride ourselves on first class service we are disappointed that we feel incredibly let down by your services who we have promoted in the past to our own customers... I re-emphasise how let down we feel with your service and will not be promoting its value locally..'.    
    Sara and David, The Ship Inn Wokingham 2018    
    By and large, your return booking is also CANCELLED, we can no longer be of service to you for being called ".. a bunch of crooks.." and told to "..go eff yourselves.." - only for trying to be of service to you, for being punctual and reliable.    
    Due to a tight schedule we weren't able to wait for you any longer due to limited availability as forewarned. Apologies for leaving you on your beam ends!. Erm.. ships sail with the tide (sorry.. couldn't resist). I hope you too can appreciate the knock on effect of your lateness, it's unfair for the driver(s) to be rushed ie to sail too close to the wind! Moreso for his next booking to be delayed - only because you didn't shake a leg!! Who was also travelling to the airport to catch a flight. Thereby caught between the devil and the deep blue sea - had to abandon you. We try to be fair and considerate to all. Pleased to hear you managed to get underway!, wishing you smooth sailing...Godspeed.    
    "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." Hmm. William Arthur Ward.    
  Easier to claim back my business travel expenses with PDF receipts    
  I've been using this firm for my business trips to/ from Wokingham and Heathrow, weekly, Gatwick too. Very trustable, always on time and have never let me down even when my flights are delayed, or landed early. Easier to claim back my business travel expenses with receipts emailed to me in PDF files. Thanks.    
    Francis, Wokingham 2019  
  Oooh crikey, ooh carrots, ooh crumbs!    
  Oh I do concur Nicola G, Indeed, why on earth should anyone have to pay £7 - £15 extra only for a taxi driver in a suit and tie to get to Heathrow?. I mean, when I did'nt even ask for a taxi driver in a suit, just called for a taxi. Must say fair comment about taxi drivers living in suits having used all the companies in this area... ... .. Chief ..?    
    Penfold in Wokingham  
  always very good but for...    
    Having used them several times for airport trips - always very good. Then used for a weekend trip into London: arrived on time again good driving and prestige car - we saved money even after tipping the driver!! But, then they cancelled our booked return journey with only one day's notice; 'we're not happy and will complain because we had a contract'.    
    Mr & Mrs M of Wokingham 2016    
  In reply to Mr & Mrs M of Wokingham: Disappointing to realise it was deemed acceptable for you to cancel your booked airport pickup at short notice for whatever reason (we didn't seek redress because life happens, we're dignified). Only to uncover your bitterness when we had to cancel your London pickup due to force majeure - whilst giving you reasonable notice to make alternate arrangements. Would suggest some counsel with regard to your apparent confusion of your contractual rights, moreso some mindfulness perhaps. Blacklisted.  
'Your return booking is CANCELLED for needlessly haggling over a competitive fare. Wokingham to Heathrow £27 - £30.
It seems, although we're communicating in English, you are struggling to understand the language. If I may respectfully suggest that you hire an interpretor to translate our emails (website too) into your mother tongue to assist with your apparent confused state of mind.
By the by, in this country haggling is not a way of life as it is in india (or any other third world country). I have it on good authority (Russell Peters :) that you mistakenly believed 'being cheap' and stingy is praiseworthy - Its not! When dealing with small businesses particularly those in the service sector, ie taxi drivers, porters, mechanics, car valet, waiters/ waitresses, hairdressers, food delivery drivers etc - its customary to leave a 10-20% tip. Haggling to negotiate cheaper prices and penny-pinching is considered rude and offensive, rather fool like Hari Gobi Kolluru, considering our competitive rates. Similarly one would not barter over prices in a pound discount store!
As the saying aptly goes; you can take an indian out of india but you can never take the indian out of an indian.. Please don't ever contact us again. Many thanks.
  Here I am not doing any bargain hunting and..    
    Also I need to confirm my return from Terminal 4 to my home.. so appreciate sharing good quote for two-way ? [sic]    
    Here I am not doing any bargain hunting and it is more of clarification, which I have asked about price from Day1. From only £27 means can be anything ? Why there is a text - "Flat rate 24/7" when you wanted to say "from". [sic] can you pleased confirm how much in total with your best price    
    This morning your driver took 30 pounds and I am quite disappointed where it is not about 3 pounds diff and more about changing words price agreed and confirmed in reality taking more. [sic]    
    Hari Gopi Kolluru, Winnersh. 2018    
  Picked me up on time and dropped me off on time..    
    I cannot forget the moments when you picked me up on time and dropped me off on time as well and above all the driver was really polite and a nice guy with a sense of respect for their customers. I would definitely use them again.    
    Anna Vandana. Wokingham    
In reply to Adrienn Vlas*its, We really ought to tell you to 'Get Stuffed' for your disdain and ingratitude having benefitted from our services in the past. But its Christmas - tis the season of goodwill, peace, charity and prayer in the example of Jesus to worship God. Not to get trolleyed and indulge in glut and vanities, nor to post bitter misrepresentative reviews laden with expletives and porkies.
In June we replied to your booking request for MPV8 with a 'Provisional' Confirmation, as stated to be reconfirmed early December. Similarly I do hope you didn't purchase your christmas turkey in June, expecting it to stuff itself!! You failed to take the initiative to follow up earlier, the onus was on you to get your 'Booking Confirmation' sooner, as the Guy on the phone tried to explain we tried to help, life happens.
  I booked the taxi well before for Xmas (24 Dec) in June.
  I booked the taxi well before for Xmas (24 Dec) in June. They confirmed back the booking and promised to get back to me early December. They didn't, so I thought it is all fine. On the 20th I sent a sanity check email asking if they were coming. They sent me a copy-past email that on this occashion they cannot be at my service. At the top of this the guy on the phone tried to convince me that I must see they did everything too get a taxi for me, but they couldn't. B****sh*t, they just forgot it.    
    Adrienn Vlasits, Crowthorne December 2018 Google review    
  Vladimir Galabov and his thesaurus    
    Before booking, read this car service's FAQs on their website and then book at your own risk! They look opinionated, discriminative and dangerous!    
    Vladimir Galabov, Bracknell - IHS Markit,Google (website) review 2016
Dearest Vladimwit, never judge a book by its cover.
We're pleased to offer you a Free Test Drive to help broaden your horizons!!. For foolishly manipulating our website to post malicious and defamatory reviews in coming to the aid of your BFF Josh Bancroft. Perhaps some instruction and guidance too on the proper use of that thesaurus!! For only a fool can understand a book by skimming, cherry-picking content, being selective and taking information out of context.
You moron Vlad (just to be clear!).
  The driver was on time, no issues, polite.    
    The driver was on time, no issues, polite. I chatted with him and felt like I built a friendly rapport with the gentleman. I complimented him on the quality of the White BMW 7 Series, a normal airport run of which I do so many times a year with my job. Then ... (ellipses)    
    Josh Bancroft IHS Markit (Intel Swindon) Google review 2016    
    Ивайло Гълъбов:    
  Appalled by what I read on this company'a website. They should have their licenses removed!    
    Ивайло Гълъбов Google (website) review 2016    
Dearest Ивайло Гълъбов, what on earth are you??
You seem to have misconstrued our website by scanning rather foolishly - you twerp!. So it is with the greatest pleasure that we extend our free test drive offer proposed to your BFF Vladimwit. Allowing you to experience our service levels and improve your literacy too!. You mustn't jump the gun dear, you must be off your head. Hmm
  Platinum Cars T/A Global Executive - Like the way they work !
Global Executive / Platinum Cars are Desperately Cheap and great value for pounds. .. professional pakindians. At £35 from RG40 to London Heathrow in First-rate taxis nice fleet most of them new Mercedes-Benz'..'Local taxicabs from station charge £75 for the same journey in FIAT, Honda and Peugeot Teppees..
'..Desperately Cheap.. "..drivers are rigorously screened and trained ..That said we are not about to rest on our laurels and we encourage feedback so we may find new ways to offer superior service."..'.. Immaculately dressed taxi drivers / directors Bilal Muhammad & Azam Muhammad & Azeem Muhammad are cordial ..Fresh from pakStans dressed in their wedding suits sets a great impression for clients and investors visiting our site..' .'..Its a Silver service at economy rates cheaper than Uber and 1/2 price of UberBlack''. '..Drivers are rigorously trained so they love ChatTing us back there and take prides giving helping hands for extra miles satisfactions..for little tip brown-nosed pakindians swanning around in Mercedes taxis wearing costume all day and all the night..' . '..Superb customer service skills they put Large suitcases on passenger seats inside car its Cheaper than hiring a van.. Like Coolie drivers trained in Luggage Handling.'.highly suggest drivers have good training like iqbal aslam khan' . Like the way they work !
    Platinum Cars Wokingham / Global Executive Cars - Google &business reviews
  Patience is a virtue..    
    Awful service. I arrived late, almost missed my flight. I booked a taxi to the airport which was on time but it rained all the way, from the moment I took a seat in the car to being dropped off at the airport, it just did not stop raining. Raining cats and dogs all the way. The traffic was unbelievable and I just managed to catch my flight. We crawled in traffic all the way. I will never use this car company again, and will be complaining..    
    Anon, Wargrave. Wargrave to Heathrow £23    
  'Please accept our sincerest apologies for the appalling service you received. Can you kindly provide us with an email address or contact number so our customer care team can get in touch'.  
  (Unfortunately we have no control whatsoever over weather related traffic, not least the weather.  
  Erm, every cloud has a silver lining.)  
  .. deliver a good quality service.    
    As a business traveler I have used them for the past 6 months and found they deliver a good quality service. They come on time for airport pickup, drop off and their executive fleet ensures that you travel in comfort and style. Thanks guys.    
    Adam Smith. Ascot    
    I won't ever be using your firm again because the traffic congestion was terrible all the way up to the airport. The driver arrived on time and was civil, the car was lovely, he was a professional driver. But the traffic was terrible, I sat in traffic for hours because of an accident on the M4 in between 10 - 8/9. Terrible service!!. Terrible. We had to wait for the ambulance and police services to clear up the fuel spill and remove casualties and fatalities. Such an inconvenience, almost missed my flight.    
    Anon, Twyford. Twyford to Heathrow £23    
  'Please accept our sincerest apologies for the appalling service you received. Can you kindly provide us with an email address or contact number so our customer care team can get in touch'.  
  Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather or road traffic accidents/ congestion in the same manner you have absolutely no control whatsoever over your flight landing early, being delayed, or even getting bumped from an overbooked flight! We can only plan to the best of our ability by being punctual, monitoring road and traffic conditions and etc, then, just hope for the best.  
  Run a tight ship    
    Using this taxi firm in Wokingham every week as a business traveller in the wee hours of Monday Tuesday to Heathrow, back Thursday Friday - for months. Never let me down, no matter rain or shine, traffic, road works, peak travel periods etcetera. Always in good time, clean cars and disciplined drivers. Certainly run a tight ship.    
    John M, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham.    
  Thank you for your praise Finchampsteads John M, we do try. Mustn't forget Lady Luck. We're only ever as good as road, traffic and weather conditions, flight arrivals etc,
  Always on time..    
  I've used them many times - always ten minutes early or on time going to the airport. Have been using them now for several months - Never been let down for my weekly business trips. A Godsend, pardon the pun..    
    J of Crowthorne 2016    
  Quite rightly Angie, in the world of Customer Service there's going the extra mile - and then there's being muggins desperate for half the fare!! It appears they're all going the extra mile, but in the wrong direction!! Embarrassingly. Left somewhat confused by the difference between a Taxi Driver, Chauffeur, and manservant.
  We get the basics right and Keep it Simple, Stupid.
    Going the Extra Mile..    
  All taxi drivers in and around Wokingham and Reading take pride in their jobs: from Loddon Cars, Prestige Cars, First Class, Excel or Elite Cars, Platinum /Global Executive too Are well taimed - Yes weve used' them ALL!! EACH & EVERY driver goes Extra mile.& "trained to serve you nicely & professionally" for couple pounds tip. Ill have you know they carry our bags like porters and even my hand baggage, Ironing, cleaning and washing up too!! Complimentary massage and water, sweets and Coffee. The Elite Cars BO55 likes to go the extra mile and picks me up with a Flat White from Costa when I land at Heathrow. Now that's "Where Service matters"!! All for £34 in Mercedes like chauffeurs prancing around in suits twentyfourseven making me feel SuperSpecial. Their all even cheaper than Ubers economy UberX by the way. !!    
    Angie, Royal Borough of Bracknell & Maidenhead. 2018    
  Waiter, Waiter ..    
    Good day Sir, I is your waiter for journey today. I servicing you pleasure with and always Driven to Serve you Ma'am..Executive taxi expensive looking and suit tie boot, see. we ubercheap  
    Thats great driver.. but we only ordered a taxi..! ? Focus on the road please, Shut up and Drive !    
    Anon, Wokingham 2019    
  Ring my bell..  
Every Asian taxi drivers from Wokingham & Windsor Maidenhead ring my bell. Wait 20 minutes free. takes my rubbish out, carry cases, another one SHMUN I think his car - bangaladesi from PAKstan offers massage for feet complimentery because I tired. All company policy trained wearing suit tie day'n'nite from Prestige Cars - First Class - Elite / Excel / Platinum Cars & Loddon Cars all driving Benz-Mercedes. Ash and the guys (at Elite / Excel / Platinum Cars) like to bend over with friendly smile to give exceptional service for a tip. make me feel Queen.. They all cheaper than UberEconomy. To say the least this has been the worst service.
    Catherine Collingborn. Winnersh. 2019. Google reviews    
      As The Taxi Driver quite rightly put it to you - (Our) "Taxi drivers do not ring bells, (or KNOCK ON THE DOOR!) pizza delivery drivers do!!". Glad he wasn't expected to carry you out of your house - for that would have been a struggle to the say the least, most probably impossible!! You're expecting a taxi which you've prebooked, it arrives (early) - come outside to locate your car and get into it!! Logical isn't it? As for the rest, I couldn't possibly comment!!    
  ooh I thought..    
    I woke one morning and noticed a business card on my doormat. I picked it up and saw the prices, ooh i thought, sounds to good to be true.. So I tried them. Booked on their website and ping, email confirmation in my inbox - All confirmed. Great I thought. And their not kidding about 1,2,3. Great service too. Fantastic.    
    Elizabeth, Wargrave    
  Pleased to hear that you experienced a safe journey and arrived to LHR T5 in good time. Most drivers have mastered the art of the inswinger (very nicely put) with good length and delivery. Which is sometimes deemed necessary because of the design flaw on the M4. Having one filter lane for both M25N and M25S which only splits into two at the M4 Junction M25 causes tailbacks to Jct 7 most days. Next time you must ask for our very own Shane Warne for his leg break, live a little, go on.  
  Good service but for inswinger    
    Your driver was on time, clean car and good driving overall except for the inswinger manoeuvre on the M4/ M25 junction.. debatable driving courtesy.    
    FD, Wokingham 2017  
  From Loddon cars to Heathrow £30 Economy class    
    Their drivers are smart enough in jeans, polo shirt for driving a taxi, car was comfy too - saving me £6. Very good for airports, not so much for local pub runs. Which is fair enough I suppose, they can't be jack of all trades, like the rest!! I use my local taxi company for local taxi trips like most people do. If taxi drivers want to keep a beard, well thats just their prerogative isn't it. Santa once told me his beard protects him from the cold!! There you have it.    
    The Businessman at Station Road, Twyford. Twyford to Heathrow £23    
  Always on time    
    Always there. As a business traveller, with hand baggage they have never let me down. Drivers are always waiting for me if my flights land earlier, and Ive never paid more than £4 for car parking & pickup even when my flights have been delayed.    
    TS, Swallowfield    
  As explained due to road congestion we were delayed, apologies for any inconvenience. We always prioritise airport drop-offs over local jobs. We have no control over the weather or road traffic congestion in the same manner you have absolutely no control whatsoever over your flight landing early, being delayed, or even getting bumped from an overbooked flight!!! Wish you the best of luck for the future. (Phew.)  
  High expectations    
    We've used your company several times for airport runs and London day outings, and we must say you're always on time - clean cars - good drivers, Everytime. 100%. Never let us down but today you left us stranded at the Hippodrome. Irrelevant if the traffic is awful, that's not my problem is it. We lost a hour of our lives, which we will never get back and I turned 65 today!! Cancel our forthcoming airport trips.    
    A & M D, Finchampstead, 2016    
  The reasonable person would've been grateful..    
Good service to Heathrow, taxi was punctual early hours, good driver and car too for our family holiday. A week later they cancelled our airport pickup on the day we arrived, left us and our two little children stranded at the airport only giving us several hours notice to make other arrangements because of unforeseen circumstances.. Unacceptable. We have complained and have also advised 3 neighbours and 2 colleagues to use a differerent company after they considered your services. Won't ever be using them again and will tell everyone I know to never ever use them... ever.. - period.
    Sunita McDonald, Wokingham 2016  
Having already apologised to Mrs McDonald for the inconvenience due to unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances beyond our control. I've only just found out that the world does not revolve around me and my two little children, I'm shocked & upset!!
Oh .. and we're doing just fine as a business without your custom and/ or referrals, moreso as people. Wish you well nevertheless. Rather fortunate the reasonable person would use logic when presented with conjecture and hearsay, gossip, folklore even!
  Boost for small businesses in the area    
    Best taxi rates in Wokingham for Key workers, jet-setters, holiday makers and SME's compared to all other local taxi companies who seem to give preferential rates & service only to conglomerates with large travel budgets as leverage for volume discounts. Great airport service, great value.    
    David of Arborfield    
  "I am the Customer and Customer is King!" - so Uncool.  
Dear Anne & Mr Cooley, Broad Hinton housing estate, Twyford
Your return booking for this morning is cancelled owing to Mr Cooleys' low passenger rating > its a two way street. Due to his reprehensible behaviour and unacceptable attitude towards taxi drivers. Failing to take heed of the drivers reasonable requests to refrain from distracting his attention from the road ahead by causing nuisance with his feet, more so his incredible gob!! Exclaiming "I am the customer and customer is king!" - so Uncool
I hope you can take some time out to cool-off and explain to your husband, antagonising taxi drivers for whatever reason accomplishes little but to jeopardise his own safety, yours too, along with the safety of other road users. If he had a personal issue with the driver or set out with a point to prove for whatever reason or for whomever - then simply ask the driver to stop the vehicle roadside to settle their differences. I'm sure the driver would've obliged. I hope you can appreciate taxi drivers are entitled to eject nuisance passengers to ensure the safety of other road users. And I can assure you that particular driver is quite capable of doing so. It can only be interpreted as him having pity on you Anne for not the bringing the vehicle to a halt - for it wouldn't have been fair to you, though a comeuppance for Mr Cooley. It pains me to have to say that you had a cruise ship to board, not him!! The driver remained dignified and managed to circumvent further nuisance by giving Mr Cooley a final warning, then withdrawing legroom privileges by pushing back/ reclining the front passenger seat - Cool move!!
Though he's only one of the handful of drivers representing our company, unlike every other taxi company (& its drivers) in this area which you're accustomed to showing such contempt & disregard towards - we don't tolerate any nuisance whatsoever. We operate by the old maxim, the Golden Rule of Abrahamic Monothiest faiths ( Islam/ Christianity/ Judaism): to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.. Please don't contact us again. Many thanks. June 2018
    Covert racism    
  I wont be using this service or recommending it to anyone. In fact, I will attempt to prevent people from using this service and having the same experience we did. I hope you can provide the clearly necessary education to your drivers to enable any future costomers to feel safe and content with their journey. Regards,    
    Jo Howell, Twyford  
    September 2018    
Education has clearly failed you
You've been raised well enough to know that being racist is becoming less acceptable in society. Because you can't get away with it as well as your parents did, you feel its acceptable to channel your racism covertly. > Read faqs about shooting yourself in the foot to the tune of £24 billion a year.
(And to put you out of your misery Jo, regarding your British or American version of Google maps - there's only one version!!)
    Who is for who..    
  Incredibly rude drivers and office staff! Drivers seems to forget that without customers they are out jobless! You should attend the good manners course or change your profession if you dislike serving people. During complain to controller, I've been told the driver is not my servant, yes for that moment he is actually.... only the payd one. Like I said, they seem to forget who is for who....!!!    
    Dorota Szostek, Berkshire 2018.    
    Somebody please explain the difference between a Taxi Driver & Servant to Dorota Szostek, then deport her back to whichever Third World country she came from. Along with Vladimwit; Vladmir Galabov. Take Ивайло Гълъбов (whatever it is) too.    
  Ash Khan at ELITE cars like to bend over with friendly smile for curry favor..
    '..Entrepreneur Malik Ash Khan and the guys at ELITE / EXCEL cars like to bend over with friendly smile to give personal service to all clients'. Where Service Matters'. ..Livery is Modern MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS with drivers wearing suit + tie day'n'night for £34 to Heathrow from Wokingham..' Local taxicabs charge £69 - £99 for SAME journey in CADDY Volkswagon or ASTRA. ..At those rates unsure how they turn a profit after deduction of fuel £7-£10 for 60 miles return. Takeaway Drivers pay min hourly £8 - £18 / two hours for flight delays or road traffic. Less commission £6. Leftovers £10 to cover operating and running costs and finance, capital or leasing and depreciation and repairs and servicing and maintenance. Leaving NIL Gross or Net profit margin before taxes or pensions..' 'Ash is professional Director he always picks me up with a complimentary Flat-White when i land at Heathrow - He's a gentileman ; ) '    
    '.. They provide the highest quality of service and Exceed expectations'. Cheap pakindian drivers trained to Serve - Excel in fawning for the tip. Nothing is too much ask for professional helpful drivers like curry favor - they really do go out of their way''.  
    Elite Cars / Excel Cars / Brittania Cars / Platinum Executive Cars; Online reviews,google
    Wishing on a Star.. ..    
  I wish I could give 0 stars. Upon tell the person who rang me I no longer needed the taxi and apologising to him, he proceeded to verbally abuse me. Rude and unnecessary.    
    Henry Ogakwu of Woodley. 2018 Google Review
    In reply to Henry OgakWho - Fool. Reread email. Do one.    
    I tried numerous times to book via an iPad mini and it didn't go through and returns me to the start of the booking...however there was an email confirmation which I didnt se as I had given up and booked by phone. Sort out your website. It's rubbish.      
      Neal Errington. Wokingham (from Bracknell).      
      Advantedge CF. 2019      
      Website works fine Neal - you're a gammon. A complete waste of time and resources.      
  There are two sides to every story    
    Frankly the service was shocking, and the driver the rudest, most arrogant tw@t I've ever encountered. Don't you worry, I wouldn't dream of using you again or recommending you. In fact the opposite, I'll warn everyone I know against it. May 2018    
    Mark Smith of Mark Smith Associates, Gladdy House, Wargrave.  
It takes two to tango
Mar'k you halfwit, you mustn't get too bitter because you've been denied our unbeatable rates & service in becoming blacklisted. Only because your big-head wasn't a good fit for our vehicles and incompatible with our driver(s).
For its proven that your driver sent you a SMS at Gatwick, which you dismissed along with his phonecall. Instead you've telephoned the office line to complain, telling us porkies that you can't find your driver and he hasn't tried to contact you. It appears only to jeopardise a drivers livelihood by making spurious complaints. That's very petty Mar'k - shameless.Then you misconstrue your cunning ways to allege the driver was arrogant for quite rightly abandoning you, in not wishing to share a space with an ego-ridden prat you've proven yourself to be. It's a two way street.
Back to Loddon Cars you go. (And please take all your recommendations along with you, we're doing just fine, thank you.)
Kind regards, Apka Pyoh.
  Loddon cars Director Wasup is heart & soul a . . . .
' O goodness gracious me. £34 for MERCEDES with Client-Focused Service to Heathrow from Berkshires. £75 is charging the TEPEES peejout auto-rickshaws for same ride on meter from station rank. Kya baat hai. Mercedes is half price of tepees and skoda or hiyundeye, or Vokeswagons, toyata or vauxAlls sitting there on taxiranking.. Funny is driver trained to Chatting us nicely for such LOW prices. by the ways flat rate all the day everydays because time matters.'
  '.. Awesome enterprise for end-Users at rock-Bottom rates. What a boon.'
  '..Extended family run enterprise of illegal immigrantion from pakistan.. extremely motivated in cheap taxis with operations managed out of Pakistan based call-centre-factory..Family run enterprise of 10 and counting. 5 taxi drivers Mirza brothers - cannot rate them highly enough'. are Customer Servant Beyond Expectations'. with Cheap european / pakindian drivers impeccably turned out trained in bootlicking, had a nice chats, disciplined to go the extra mile for the tip.'
    '..Loddum Cars giveaway MERCEDES for £60 to gatwick from Wokingham.Station taxicab charge £118-£127 for same journey in TOYOTA. Bargain deal. I complined about driver overdone the LYNX effect with strong base notes of curry. So management disocunted the ride giving back 50% refund and MS Xmas Hamper worth £50. '  
    '..Picking 4 large cases All the Way Up' to bedroom from car boot and drivers Carrying luggages on seats. Director Wasup gives obsessively client-focused service' for any complaint about if '..a driver not nice enough..!.' or '..a driver not smart enough..!.'he takes pride Customer is Always right, Customer is King because Wasup is Busnesman, business his baby'. ' he likes to iron things out to avoid situation going forward ofcourse with an offer of compensation'. 100% customer satisfaction company policy so 'Immediately drivers are penalised ; warning ; disciplinary ; fired. For Any complaint Giving customers generous compensation each time''. Everytime with (..'flowers..', '..perfume..','..£10 discount off every taxi for 6 months.'.,'..complimentary milktray..' ' free taxis for 3 months'.. 'Rose's.,' free taxis to gatwick & back', 'awarded us FREE £20 taxi ride,.'.. Moet & Chandon..' With Compliments. Wasup is desperate Busnesman Complaint handling Professionals'! Cheaper than Uber 50% for chauffeurline taxis drivers in uniform Same price day at night..'
    Loddon Cars / LC chauffeurs, Adams Cars Henley/ Budget cars - business reviews & feedback
  You exceeded my expectations    
    I was nervous about using a company I did not know for such a high-profile event, but you exceeded my expectations. Your drivers were courteous, always drove safely, and on every occasion were at the agreed location before the agreed time    
    Alasdair Littlejohn    
Stay Woke. No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Nelson Mandela.
  Great Service by the way.. (.. unless fully booked..!!)
    I'm Nigel Aylwin-Foster. You took us to the airport and fetched' us back, great service by the way'... Ref: FosterOn.
    ..... ....    
    ...There is nothing lacking in my logic.. This is a poor service by your company and I'm really dissapointed. Ref: FosterOff.  
    Nigel Rodney Fane Aylwin-Foster, Winnersh. May 2019
  Throwing the toys out of the pram..
  Earlier in the year you praised our airport taxi services in 'FosterOn': stating ".I'm Nigel Aylwin-Foster..Great service by the way..". whilst benefitting from our services.
  ..Few months later, you throw your toys out of the pram, pull rank to escalate complaint(s) in 'FosterOff' - Only because we weren't at your beck and call..!! Being fully booked, we didn't have availability for your request in a fortnights time. 'Quite frankly you're pathetic' for being egoistic; BR Apka Pyoh
  NB Nigel, 'fetched' is something that servants, butlers and dogs do, the term is condescending, and can be profoundly offensive. In contemporary usage the image which is most often called to mind is that of a dog chasing a stick or a ball. ie 'Go fetch.!' it comes from the old english fatian meaning 'grasp'. To use this metaphorical association in regard to a humans actions is to equate the power relationship with that of a dog and its master. Taxi drivers are not servants, nor you a Master travelling economy class..!
  What a piece of work is a man  
  William Shakespeare  
Damned if we do, and damned if we don't..
Didn't take much for you to spit the dummy and escalate complaints - Only because we didn't have availability due to high demand. Despite benefitting from our services in the past on several occasions without any cause for complaint (not from you atleast). For what its Worth Richard, racism can be sensed by BAME people without words even, can you believe..?! I know it's all mind boggling isn't it..? Racism becomes evident through your eye contact and behaviour, your conduct and communication.
Acknowledging and taking responsibility for unconscious or implicit bias ie racism is not just financially and reputationally important, it's a moral imperative.
Totally unprofessional from start to finish
f****d up.. Now you have confirmed that you can't provide a taxi thus leaving me needing to book with another company with a weeks notice. Totally unprofessional from start to finish, a website that looks like its maintained by a 6 year old...I apologise if I offended you when I used the 'f' word in haste however I felt you deserved some strong feedback.
    Richard Whitworth - Syngenta, Emma Worsley MAR'2019  
O'Dear Mickey' Houldsworth of Woodley.
Whilst it is correct that you achieved a low passenger rating, and failed the litmus test by paying the driver £27 outbound (not £30) - which comes as no surprise (must be something in the water down there in Woodley). As explained, your return booking was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
Your request for compensation was refused because of your low passenger score and for being a nuisance. [Reaffirmed by posting bitter and misleading reviews, proving your acidity]. As stated, On principle we've donated £27 + £47 (which you paid for Uber's economy service UberX) to charity to help the oppressed and destitute.
Good riddance.  
9 August 2018  
  'Prebooked a late night pickup from LHR. Taxi cancelled without much notice left me stranded at Heathrow. Emailed to complain the next day, and they stated as I had not tipped the driver for the trip to the airport two weeks previously I had been given a low passenger rating. They cannot be relied upon. DO NOT USE..Michael Frederick Houldsworth,    
Mike Houldsworth
Colemansmoor Road, Woodley.
Thomson Local, Yell & Yelp reviews
10 August 2018
    Mind your P's and Q's    
  Shocking email response.. I cannot believe the response I received and find it totally unacceptable. I have used you on several occasions and have received excellent service and always an immediate response to my booking.    
    C Davies, Wokingham, 2018    
Somehow you've become disappointed and even offended at your own impatience.. trying to exude a sense of privilege and entitlement. Every other taxi company in/ around Wokingham, and their drivers are well trained to massage your ego with "Yes Sir, Yes SIr, 3 bags full Sir" - Use them. We focus on getting the basics right and keeping it simple..s.
    First Class Executive drivers wearing suit and tie TwentyFourSeven
Blue ribbon AWARD-WINNING service. This company truly deserves the ephitet "First Class".. cannot believing my eyes na.. toh cheap taxi fare £36 to heathrow port in MERCEDESBENZ.. Mega value ride na. Station taxicab is charge £72 for same ride in VAUXHALL ZAFIRA like riksha bouncing bounce bounce. Toh mercedesBenz is cheaper than riksha...Boss Naj Ji is bout clever busness man.. '
'..Frist in Class MERCEDES for £65 to Gatwick from Wokingham. Statoion taxicab charge £118 - £127 for same journey in PEUGEOT. Value bragain..'
'.. First Class Executive / TwentyFourSeven drivers are domesticated attired in business suits twentyfourseven..attended a Wedding or Church still in their Sunday Best'ses.. driving expensive Executive MERCEDES-BENZ as local taxis. £36 to aIrport for 'pakla and bangla takse' drivers are 'Chaudry, rajas and bengaladesis from pakstan'. Is double value for half the price. We like it.. we use it'
      First Class Executive | TwentyFourSeven - Google business &reviews
  Taxi cost me an arm..and a leg.
I needed a taxi from Hilton St Anne's Manor Wokingham for a meeting in London. I booked on May 1st for service May 13th...
..I wanted to move the pickup time from 8:00 to 8:45 so I contacted them the afternoon before.... they cancelled my reservation. Very unprofessional. I ended up using the first cab I could find and it cost an arm and a leg.
    Jamie Beecher Bradshaw - taxi from Hilton St Anne's Manor Wokingham to London    
    Google my business review May 2018  
Dear Jamie Beached Bradshaw (Hilton St Anne's Manor Wokingham), Posting bitter, misrepresentative reviews on google accomplishes Nothing. We can assure you that your review is wasted, in every sense of the word.
If you've/ had a grievance with our company then your first port of call is to contact us directly: Either for an explanation and/ or recompense and/ or apology. The reasonable person would've done just that. Nevertheless, we're deeply saddened to learn about this catastrophe involving Prestige Cars of Wokingham (hotels preferred supplier) during your stay at Hilton St Annes Manor. To help you through your trials & tribulations, we're able to offer you £5 million PLI cover to assist with prosthetics and therapy. Best regards, Terry Ma
  Taxi from Wokingham to Heathrow £30    
    Fair prices for taxis in Wokingham and around. Why would anyone choose to pay £7 - £15 extra only for the taxi driver dressed in a suit and tie? Shamone  
    Nicola G in Wokingham    
    Claudia Damerell and Martin Percy    
  Well I be Dam'ed Martin Percy. I grateful very for you taking us to airport, in good timings and bringings back Always. prompt pickup to airport early hours and very nice driven by very pro driver in splendid car. Flight arrived early hour Good servising. Appreciate saving £15 nearly if used other taxis. good servise Always    
    Claudia Damerell Crowthorne 2018 & Martin Percy Wokingham    
  First world problems    
  Fantastic service, as though we started our holiday the moment we left our front door. But Taxi didn't have Wi-Fi.....)    
    Mr & Mrs Johnson, Wokingham 2017  
  When time matters.. (.. all the time)    
    Good taxi service for when time matters - all the time, affordable rates from Loddon cars to Heathrow £30 (Twyford/Wargrave/Woodley) and only £55 to Gatwick or Luton. Price matters too, and service, all the time.    
    John from Wargrave to Heathrow £23    
  He was very unhelpful    
    Please do not send your driver rashid again, he picked me up last time and was very unhelpful.  
    Anne Sheward, Wokingham 2018    
  Dearest Anne, not carrying your suitcases from the arrivals hall to the parked car, is not reason enough for you to complain about a driver. Suitcases have wheels for a purpose, use them. Trolleys are readily available and porters can be hired at all LHR terminals for only £20. Read FAQs or Click to book Heathrow Porters. That driver has no animosity towards you despite your complaint, but it's probably best you don't contact us again. I do know every other taxi company in the area will discipline drivers for not carrying your bags like porters, servant-like. Most of them will tolerate any abuse you wish to throw at them too - Use them.
  Where service matters.. (.. all the time)    
    Good taxi service for where service matters - all the time. We booked economy class:- Car arrived on schedule, driver helped to load bags into the boot, car was clean and pleasant, good lane discipline and driving. Like first class. Got us to the airport. Service matters ofcourse - prices too, and time.. all the time.    
    Curtis Jackson, Winnersh    
    The same company on outward and return
I note that you are unable to fulfil my complete booking. I require the same taxi company on outward and return to Gatwick so please accept this email as cancellation,
    Colin Rogers, Lower Earley. 2019    
You're cutting your nose off to spite your face
Do enlighten us colin as to what would be the reason for you to require the same taxi company on outward and return?
Comparably it would be juvenile of us to refuse a one-way taxi request!! Read faqs for information > the olive branch.
First impressions don't matter
The taxi driver who took us to the airport couldn't speak a word of English, an immigrant and his name was Sid/ Syed. We'd prefer an English speaking driver.
      Mr White of Wargrave/ Woodley and Ms White, Madinhead.  
  The clue's in the name, you hired a 'Taxi Driver' - to drive a taxi. For which one requires the use of ones hands, feet, eyes and ears, intellect and reasoning. Not thy mouth!! Talking whilst driving - whether on a mobile phone, handsfree, or simply conversing with a passenger is a distraction and undermines road safety. (It wouldn't surprise us if you voted for Brexit too!.) If you want someone to talk to then arrange counselling and get some therapy... perhaps get married. Taxi drivers who yap away are less safe than drivers who stay quiet. It's logical isn't it, hardly rocket science! (Similarly physical appearance, ethnicity or dress code does not affect driving ability.) They're more focused on the road ahead and other road users instead of ass-kissing for brownie points. Be driven direct.  
Thank your lucky stars ! Tokenism.
Gibberish Paul. Next you'll be trying to make us believe getting a senior-level job in this country isn't about ethnicity and White privilege. Otherwise, it's nothing more than Luck (Racial Quotas, bare minimum) for the rest. Case in point, the colour spectrum of the Xeretec website and its Whiteness..! Showcasing 31 'Xeretec Directors, Senior Management & Accounts' - Of which only 1 is BAME. The Lucky (coloured) One..! Tokenism.
In agreement, we do live in a sad world where people like you are quick off the mark to complain, throwing clichés around. Let's not gloss-over Paul - you're an ingrate, showing your true colours in passing judgement about us based solely upon the last job only! Despite benefitting from our services in the past on several occasions without any cause for complaint whatsoever.
For the record, your taxi was cancelled because Thomas Cook cancelled your flight. By the time your repatriation flight was arranged the day before your return - we no longer had availability due to high demand, and advised you accordingly so that you could make alternate arrangements to stand you in good stead. Here's one for you, it's never too late to count your blessings and Thank your Lucky stars!!
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, all the best. Godspeed.
  Lucky to get one star  
Lucky to get one star, let us down on a return booking from Gatwick. Very disappointed. They tried to jump on the band wagon of the Thomas Cook issue, if its reliability you want look elsewhere. I do agree that the service we have had in the past has been very good however we live in a sad world where you are only as good as your last job.
Paul Asher, Group Credit Controller - Accounts. Xeretec.
  No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. James Allen
  To all the Wonderful people of Wokingham (you know who you are!!) - You've been great.
We look forward to being of service to you again in the future, always a pleasure. Godspeed cars awarded BEST TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER BERKSHIRE 2021 UK Enterprise Awards SME News Transport Awards 2021.
  Many thanks.
(And to the haters, please just get yourselves a life. If we've ever let you down because we didn't have availability, missed your phonecall, or in the unlikely event we were late or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances - just remember it wasn't personal (Unless you managed to get yourself blacklisted, or have a low Passenger Rating). So there's no need to get all uptight and personal, bitter and twisted, complaining and bad mouthing, spiteful, hissing and cursing, or threatening (akin to The Daily Mail & red top tabloid readership!!). Or post defamatory reviews and create hoax google my business pages (Josh Bancroft & Co). Instead, think positive, trust in where one door closes another opens, the silver lining and all that. Life happens. Suppose, we can't be everyone's cup of tea.. now there's an idea.)  
It's always best to book in advance to guarantee availability - which allows us to manage our workload better, as we prefer not to cram in too much, allowing reasonable time to do the job properly and continue to operate at 99% punctuality. We're service driven and always get the basics right. However, we have no control over road works or RTA's, weather related delays and road congestion, or flight disruptions etc..
Booking online has never been easier. Make your reservation online in a few minutes.
Or Book today by Emal: or send a SMS text message. The most accurate way to make your reservation, improving accountability and leaving no room for human error compared to communicating your itinerary and booking details over the telephone. You will receive a booking confirmation for your peace of mind. To avoid disappointment please book your journey in advance to guarantee availability.
We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s
Why choose us?
Safety First..
Our drivers and cars are licensed, regulated by the Wokingham Borough Council and insured for Private Hire, and we've got you covered with £5million public liability insurance. You're in safe hands.
We're service Driven
We're punctual and reliable. Taking care planning & managing our workload with meticulous attention to detail. Flight Arrivals & Departures are monitored, and we keep abreast of Road & Traffic conditions.
Experienced ..
Offering you a cumulative experience of 40 years in the Wokingham area and across Berkshire. Be driven direct. On time.. Everytime. You can trust us to be there.
Reliable Taxis, Fair prices
Cheapest fares around Wokingham - we don't charge our drivers 15% commission or equivalent Base Fee on Loss Leaders, which means cheaper airport fares for you because we pass the savings directly back to you..
Price match promise  
  We will beat, if not match any genuine like for like quote. Try us
No hidden charges - Transparent rates  
  No extra charges for flight delays/ meet n greet & car parking at cost.
No surge pricing - Fixed rates
  Clear, straightforward prices - current rates are published online.
Flat rate 24 / 7
  No extra charge between 2300 - 0600
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